Revitalize Your Brain: Natural Methods to Stop Memory Loss – Sign Up for Our Live Workshop so you can eliminate the fear and dread of Alzheimer's

The End of Alzheimer's

Tuesday, June 25th 5:30pm at Zenergy in Sun Valley

Proven and Researched strategies to prevent and stop dementia


In this LIVE workshop, we reveal

  • The 5 main causes of brain decline

  • How to tell if you should be concerned

  • What to do now to save your brain

  • The latest most up to date research

  • Learn specifics about your own brain

  • Take home tools to apply at home

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Founder, CEO: Impetra Technology Solutions LLC- Joe Vitti

This workshop is for anybody who wants to have better memory


Functional Tests

Together, we will assess areas of the brain, then learn specific and simple skills to do at home improving function and resilience.

Leaky Brain

Discover what leaky brain is, how it happens and how to repair it. Receive a free, easy test just for attending the workshop!

Brain Aflame

Neuro-Inflammation is a leading cause of fatigue, accelerated aging, poor moods and memory loss. Let's stop it together.

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Your life is only as good as your brain

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Your teacher for the workshop is Dr. Maria Maricich, a local skiing Olympian.

At the age of 42 she began to notice early signs of dementia. She knew that medicine had no answers.

Being a doctor of natural medicine she made it her mission to figure out how to save her own brain.

Now, 20 years later, she is passionate about sharing the gifts and skills she has learned to heal her own brain. She helps others to regain clarity, enthusiasm, resilience and connection so they can live a life full of vitality.

Your Memory is Yours to Keep

There are an estimated 5.7 million people in the United States currently living with Alzheimer’s Disease, and surprisingly, some 200,000 are under the age of 65. The cause: brain cell death.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are neuro-degenerative diseases, which refers to progressive brain cell death that happens over time. This type of degeneration leads to significant memory loss, cognitive decline and ultimately results in around-the-clock assistance with everyday living.

Studies show that Alzheimer's begins to develop in the brain decades before symptoms appear. The good news is, we now have tests to determine if its happening long before symptoms appear. And even better news is we can do something to stop it!

Please join us for The End of Alzheimer's on Thursday, June 25th, 5:30pm at Zenergy in Sun Valley to find out what proactive measures can be taken to reduce the risks of dementia and regain memory even if you already have dementia!

Now, I know many of you are saying "I don't want to know if I am going to get Alzheimer's". But if you did know, and there was something you could do now to stop it, wouldn't that be a good thing? The earlier we catch it the easier it is to fix, but if a person waits until they have the disease it can be much more difficult to get sustainable results. I believe that everybody should have a "Cognoscopy" to screen for neuro-degeneration if they are over 45 years old.

BONUS: Improving brain function now, results in feeling younger and more energetic while stopping or preventing Alzheimer's, no matter how good your brain is now.

Protecting What's Yours

During this event, we will be taking a close look at how the memory loss develops, and gain a better understanding of how to preserve and restore optimal brain function. More important, you will get valuable information, specific to your own brain. Then you will learn what to do at home to improve memory, balance, focus and attention. (spoiler alert: it's not diet, exercise or supplements)

Is This Event Right For Me?

Maybe you are thinking to yourself, “My mind is sharp,” or “I’m too young to be worried about losing my memory.”

But the reality is, Alzheimer’s and dementia do not simply happen to someone when they reach a certain age. It is a process that often starts as subtle changes to memory, sometimes not even detectable. Once degeneration starts, it will progress over time unless proactive steps are taken. The time to act is NOW.

Taking preventative measures at any age is just as important as taking care of your body to stay fit and healthy. During this event, we will give you detailed information to help get the brain firing better and reduce or stop the degeneration of the mind.

Seating Is Limited, So Register NOW!

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